Leone Contini

Artist and anthropologist, mainly focused on intercultural frictions, conflict and migrations.

Maciej Chodziński

Zajmuje się tworzeniem video i instalacji, malarstwem i grafiką projektową.

Łukasz Surowiec

Interdisciplinary artist involved in community arts.

Marta Kudelska

Curator, the author of art criticism.

Wojciech Nowicki

Curator of photo exhibitions, writer, journalist, member of the Krakow Photomonth board, co-founder of the Imago Mundi photography foundation

Alicja Rogalska

Her practice is interdisciplinary and encompasses both research and production with a focus on social structures and the political subtext of the everyday.

Jakub Majmurek

Film expert, essayist, journalist.

Jaro Varga

He explores the phenomenon of experience as a performance by rethinking the usual forms of its representation.

Yan Tomaszewski

Franco-Polish artist born in 1984

Mateusz Kula

Visual artist, interested in the expressions of the middle-class culture, the grey area of pop culture and criticism of ideology

Kaśka Maniak

Cultural anthropologist

Freja Bäckman

The artistic practice of Freja Bäckman lays on the intersection of art, education and socio-political work.

Łukasz Trzciński

Exploring strategies for managing memory through image, as well as memory of art. President of the Imago Mundi Foundation

Jan Pfeiffer

He has mastered various media, indulging in video, photography, animation and drawing.

Matej Vakula

Artist and educator. He mainly explores the current problems in the public sphere.

Yan Kurz

A rare type of artist endowed with a unique skill to silence one's ego.

Piotr Bujak

Interdisciplinary artist. Deals mainly with mixed media, video, video-installation, printing and object art.

Magdalena Ujma

An art critic, a curator of exhibitions and projects dedicated to contemporary art

Vladimir Palibrk

Vladimir Palibrk is writer and curator based in Paris

Paweł Kruk

Visual artist, author of video films and performances.

Cristina David

Contemporary artist based in Bucharest.

Agata Biskup

In her practice, she has moved beyond the limits of the medium of painting to focus on the analysis of artistic approaches that migrate from the field of art to a non-artistic space.

Agnieszka Kilian

The co­-curator of the Place Called Space program.

Rudolf Samohejl

He creates sculptural situations.

Tomasz Padło

Freelance photographer and co-founder of Bezgranica Foundation

Krzysztof Maniak

Author of films, photography, and performances.

Patrycja Orzechowska

Visual artist, author of art books, specializes in photography, collage, installation, graphic design, film and art in public space.

Jóhanna Ellen Ríkharðsdóttir

She is a multimedia artist working predominantly with video, installation and performance.

Mikołaj Małek

Painter, draughtsman, assemblage and installation artist.

Maciej Salamon

Dobry chłopak.

Stanisław Ruksza

Curator, art historian, author, book editor, lecturer.

Josh Plough

A writer, artist-editor and curator. His areas of intrigue include the sordid world of design, its curation and evaluation and the webs of folklore, identity and futures.

Roman Dziadkiewicz

Multi-sensual artist, curator, experimenter.