Satan’s Children

The project serves as an opportunity to explore the theme of the figure of Satan himself – timidly exorcised from the Polish culture, a symbol of rebellion and knowledge, a new beginning.

Curator Stanisław Ruksza

The Attempt

The pre-prepared “attempt” is an attempt to/at strike, protest or revolt against the present oppression of past conditions to resolve in a hopefully bet- tered future, a social improvement.

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

on-going performance and exhibition-based narration, dealing with national identity, typography, surrealism, and divination

Ground Works

Whilst mindful of the natural environment, the artists adopt a contrarian stance on land art, and embark on a plan for bio-euthanasia.

Birch Bark

Birch bark serie by Mariia Mytrofanova


Throughout our lives, we collect a "collection" of people (acquaintances, relatives, relatives), each of which has its own place (status) in our lives.


Bureaucratic performance, documentation

Kongres Estetyczny

Jesteśmy przeniknięci “przez formę aż do rdzenia. [...] To nie my mówimy słowa, lecz słowa nas mówią”

Pakosh Vira/Vircya

The main purpose of her works is to evoke "something" in the so-called viewer

Andrii Dostliev

I tell stories about old photos, dead people, and butt sex — in all possible combinations.

Mariia Mytrofanova

Mariia's practice is focusing on "her-story" and putting women's voices first

Josh Plough

A writer, artist-editor and curator. His areas of intrigue include the sordid world of design, its curation and evaluation and the webs of folklore, identity and futures.