Obcość w nas samych

Jedzenie może stanowić doskonałe narzędzie do odbywania podróży w czasie. Precyzyjnie pokazuje skąd pochodzimy i do czego aspirujemy. A to, co jemy, lub co wspominamy jako jedzenie dzieciństwa, mówi o nas więcej niż sami chcemy odsłonić.

Autorka: Magdalena Ujma

The Presence Within Us

Food may be a perfect instrument for travelling in time. It show ever so precisely from where we come and after what we aspire. What we eat, or what we remember as food eaten in childhood, tells more about us than we want to reveal.

Author Magdalena Ujma
Universal Hospitality 2
MeetFactory Gallery/Kostka Gallery/Futura Gallery
Prague, Czech Republic
03 March - 28 May 2017
Dreams&Dramas. Law as Literature
Berlin, Germany
10 March - 07 May 2017
One of Many Stories
Villa Vassilieff
Paris, France
15 April - 06 May 2017
CSW Kronika
Bytom, Poland
21 April - 28 May 2017

The Attempt by Alicja Rogalska

The pre-prepared “attempt” is an attempt to/at strike, protest or revolt against the present oppression of past conditions to resolve in a hopefully bet- tered future, a social improvement.


Whilst mindful of the natural environment, the artists adopt a contrarian stance on land art, and embark on a plan for bio-euthanasia.


Nowa Huta, experimental city, created by communists' in Poland after World War II to produce New Man of the system. Symbol of modernity and progress, one of the leading tools to install new regime in Poland after 1945.

Satan’s Children

The project serves as an opportunity to explore the theme of the figure of Satan himself – timidly exorcised from the Polish culture, a symbol of rebellion and knowledge, a new beginning.

Curator Stanisław Ruksza

Maciej Salamon

Dobry chłopak.

Maciej Chodziński

Zajmuje się tworzeniem video i instalacji, malarstwem i grafiką projektową.

Wojciech Nowicki

Curator of photo exhibitions, writer, journalist, member of the Krakow Photomonth board, co-founder of the Imago Mundi photography foundation

Vladimir Palibrk

Vladimir Palibrk is writer and curator based in Paris