Leone Contini

Artist and anthropologist, mainly focused on intercultural frictions, conflict and migrations.

Leone Contini has studied Philosophy and Cultural Anthropology at Università degli Studi di Siena. His research – mainly focused on intercultural frictions, conflict and power relations, displacement, migration and Diasporas – borrows the tools of contemporary anthropology in order to short-circuiting spheres of common feelings and significance through the use of lecture performances, collective interventions in public space, textual and audio-visual narratives, blogging and self-publishing.He lives and works at Florence.

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PHỞ tasting party

Beneath the layers of Polish and Silesian cuisine I tried to dig out the culinary traces of communities that vanished from this region.

Dom Śląski, Kolonial House – Leone Contini in Krakow

„The first layer of research consists in sort of food- fossils, very private recipes preserved by the intergenerational loss of information and re-enacted as identity rituals. The re-invention of the past shapes our present."