Stanisław Ruksza

Curator, art historian, author, book editor, lecturer.

Since 2008 he is a programme director of the Kronika Center for Contemporary Art in Bytom. Since 2011 he cooperates with the Imago Mundi Foundation. Graduate of art history at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków.

Curator of many exhibitions in Poland and abroad, including Katowice Artistic Underground after 1953 (BWA Katowice 2003), Umpolen (Freiraum Museum Quartier, Wiedeń, 2007), Kronika Alphabet (Berlin 2008, KW, Galerie Berinson, Zak Branicka, Uqbar, Pro QM; with Sebastian Cichocki), Catholics in Kronika (Kronika, Bytom 2010), Vienna Actionism. Society’s Opposite Pole (MOCAK, Kraków 2011), Collier Schorr. German Faces (Kronika, Bytom 2011), Transeuro 2012 (Kraków 2012), Łukasz Surowiec. Forefathers Eve (Bunkier Sztuki, Kraków 2013), Negotiators and Dreamers (Careof DOCVA, Mediolan 2013), The Face of the Day. Social Costs in Poland after 1989 (ArtBoom Festival, Kraków 2014), Romantic Manifestations (BWA Sokół, Nowy Sącz 2014), Your City is a Battlefield (Muzeum Sztuki Nowoczesnej, Warszawa 2014), Plica Polonica (Kronika, Bytom 2014), Metropolis Project (Kronika, Bytom, Fundacja Imago Mundi, Muzeum Śląskie w Katowicach, 2015), The Wall. Art Face To Face With Borders (Careof DOCVA, Mediolan, 2015), Je brûle Paris! (Cité internationale des arts, Paryż 2015), Satan’s Children (Fundacja Imago Mundi, Kraków 2015).

In his actions he combines visual arts with other areas of culture, social and political sciences, alternative tourism, and in the form of his exhibitions he deliberately ignores institutional rules and fashions. He occasionally makes works, artefacts and props supplementing exhibitions he curates.


In 2007-2009 he lectured at the Silesian University in Katowice – the Institute of Art in Cieszyn. Now he is a guest lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice.

His theoretical research concerns the history of exhibiting art, connections between visual arts and social, political and economic transformations, the subject of death and borderline experiences in contemporary art, and other areas.

Author of music for the theatre productions directed by Ewa Wyskoczył, recently including Jasieński (Narodowy Stary Teatr, Kraków 2014), Rebellion by Mariusz Sieniewicz (Teatr Śląski, Katowice 2014), A Funny Old Man (Teatr Śląski, Katowice 2015).

Resident of apexart in New York (2009), Careof DOCVA in Milano (2013), and other institutions. In 2014 awarded the Curator of the Year title in Poland by the artistic journal Obieg and shortlisted for the prize “Guarantees of Culture 2015″ awarded by TVP Kultura, in the “visual arts” category.

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The exhibition juxtaposes perverse and utopian attempts to create alphabetic or lexical adaptations of scripture that share a common geographical reference to Prague.

Curator Stanisław Ruksza

Message from Charlotte

Yan Tomaszewski’s exhibition Message from Charlotte imagines a fictitious situation in the future. An apocalyptic landscape reveals a relic from the past: a time capsule from the Silesian town of Rydułtowy.

Curator Stanisław Ruksza

Je brûle Paris!

We are living in a time of surplus, also overabundance of uncertainty.

Curator Stanisław Ruksza

Satan’s Children

The project serves as an opportunity to explore the theme of the figure of Satan himself – timidly exorcised from the Polish culture, a symbol of rebellion and knowledge, a new beginning.

Curator Stanisław Ruksza

The Wall. Art Face To Face With Borders

Some stagger and fall, after all it's not easy banging your heart against some mad buggers (Pink Floyd, "Outside the Wall")

Curator Stanisław Ruksza