What is Togetherness? Discussion

What is a relation between loneliness and togetherness? What does it mean to practise togehtherness? Let's talk!

Bratislava, Slovak Republic
16:00 16 December 2014

join us at the workshop discussion on the titular “togetherness” and the possibilities of its practice. This time, employing the point of view of the individual, we shall discuss various forms of solitude, also as a condition to be together. The inspiration and starting point will be drawn from the statement opening Ernst Bloch’s “Traces”: “One is alone with oneself. Together with others, most are alone even without themselves.” We shall trace various forms of togetherness, fluctuations of approaches towards common initiatives, as well as the political aspect of bonds.

Participants: Bogdan Achimescu, Agata Biskup, Paweł Brożyński, Agnieszka Kilian, Mateusz Kula, Ewa Łuczak, Łukasz Trzciński, Matej Vakula, Jaro Varga

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(…) Behind Togetherness

Reading collectivity is a complex process – we feel an itch to have a look at lines that follow, at words that have not been said or gestures that have not been made, to see what is behind the thick wall of the term “collectively”.

Curator Agnieszka Kilian

Mateusz Kula

Visual artist, interested in the expressions of the middle-class culture, the grey area of pop culture and criticism of ideology