Václav Stratil

Aside the overview of the core of his work, different parts from the last 15 years opus by this important drawer, painter and performer will be presented.

Prague, Czech Republic
18:00 18 October - 18:00 03 January 2016
Curator Jiří Ptáček

We recommend the exhibition at Futura!

“Formally speaking is Stratil’s work of the last 16 years more diverse and hybrid then ever before. His works is however first of all never ending visual transformation of his own everydayness, the quest for the poetic formula embodying situations he enters, or even instigates.
Extreme is a logical result of strictness, applied both on the level of inner discipline, purposeful excess, or creative lightness. Stratil’s work is the work with his own I – with its submission to wide spectrum of challenges and games, in which he consequently fully takes part. Stratil constructs auto-portrait monument with thousands of faces. In the context of Czech contemporary art his main appreciation lies in the authenticity of his program, in which for many years borders between life and art are blurred. Stratil lives in art – and art becomes the body, which we see.”