In the Dust… Part Two

All that is solid melts into air, all that is holy is profaned

National Museum
Kraków, Poland
16:00 11 September - 18:00 20 September 2015
Curator Agnieszka Kilian
Cooperation Dominik Kuryłek

Time for the next artistic intervension directed toward the museum from the “In the Dust…”.

The artist invited to interaction with art hidden in National Museum in Kraków is Paweł Kruk.


With his simple gesture of placing gift candles in the space of the Main Building, Paweł Kruk creates a lot of potential situations. He allows the visitors to take fragments of the installation out of the museum, to light them up at home or somewhere else. Through offering a gift which can be taken out, the artist reverses the traditional economy of the institution, under which in a gallery you can only be an observer. With his actions Paweł Kruk reveals a figure of a silent flame, of open fire which has no right to appear in a museum. And so placing unlighted candles in the gallery expresses a sense of agency arrested at a halfway stage, an action which anyone else can complete. So the artist invites us to change the “grammar “of an institution which was/is ascribed the role of collecting and preserving, never giving away or losing.

At the opening Paweł Kruk will read excerpts from “The Life of the Bee” by Maurice Maeterlinck.


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Into the Dust…

History does not drive camels anymore but it’s still eating dust. Etel Adnal, "Seasons"

Curator Agnieszka Kilian
Cooperation Dominik Kuryłek

Agnieszka Kilian

The co­-curator of the Place Called Space program.

Paweł Kruk

Visual artist, author of video films and performances.