In the Dust… Part Four: Roman Dziadkiewicz Surface Studies. Landscapes with idylls

In a day-long activity, inscribed into the mythological full-time employment system eight-hour work day, the author, together with men and women participants, challenges the notion of the museum as an idyllic – almost ideal – space.

National Museum
Krakow, Poland
10:00 14 October - !8:00 14 October 2015
Curator Agnieszka Kilian
Cooperation Dominik Kuryłek

We invite you cordially to the fourth part of In the Dust…!


In the course of several months of art, research and literary practices, connected with allusions to his previous interventions in the National Museum in Kraków and other institutions in Poland and abroad, he constructs a complex vision of a “better world” in slower motion and more beautiful, horizontal social relations. A reality derived from the model of the (modern) museum teems with reticence, sensibility, empathy, inclusiveness, cooperation, distance, emptiness, anaesthesiological indifference and boredom.
The revolution and all the dreams have come true. The regime of critique has been superseded by the regime of affirmation.
The series of activities is summarised by the book entitled “Superficiology” – a SF narrative juxtaposed with visual documentation.

Participants in the project: Joanna Bednarczyk, Marcel Borowiec, Roman Dziadkiewicz, Kaja Gliwa, Dominik Kuryłek, Kuba Falkowski, Maria-Weronika Lorek, Mira Marcinów, Józef Pankiewicz, Wojtek Ratajczak, as well as: an ink printer, a laptop, a flute, a microphone with an amplification system, fruit, pampas grass, chicken eggs, a pail and the iconographic fabric.

At the completion of the activity, around 18.00, we welcome you to a glass of wine.

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Into the Dust…

History does not drive camels anymore but it’s still eating dust. Etel Adnal, "Seasons"

Curator Agnieszka Kilian
Cooperation Dominik Kuryłek

Agnieszka Kilian

The co­-curator of the Place Called Space program.